I develop HTML5 games for web and mobile games that are available for licensing.

All games are cross-platform compatible with all modern devices. They are hyper-responsive and will scale to any screen. These games are available for custom licensing, branding, and tailor edits to request. If you are interested in licensing, please contact me.

Bouncy Balloons

Visit the carnival in this classic slingshot game. Aim your balloon to take out all the ducks! Take them all out with one balloon for bonus points. Play it here.


Roadway Repair

Tactfully maneuver pieces of the road to get the cars to the finish line! Complete levels and try to earn all the stars in this gripping puzzle game! Play it here.

Brix Builder

Relive the glory days of the arcade machine! Test your precision in this challenging and authentic game by stacking toy blocks as high as you can reach! Defeat all 7 levels in 3 different difficulties to become the master! Play it here.


Rocket Runner

Put your reflexes to the test by seeing how long you can survive a barrage of falling rockets! Collect coins and tokens to level up, buy chests, and unlock new outfits! Play it here.